Presents of Mind is 21 years Old!

Happy Birthday to us! Happy to birthday to us! happy Birthday Presents of Mind… Happy birthday to us!

Did you know that we just turned 21 years old? We are so excited. You know what 21 means? That’s right- party- party- party. We are celebrating by having, you guessed it, a sale! Everything in the store is 15% off. That means everything. Jewelry, clothing, baby gifts, cards, gift wrap: everything.

Also, you can add an additional 15% off our already marked sale items. Meaning, that if the tag says 70% off, then you can add another 15% off that 70%. Yes! It’s true, we are not lying- It’s our birthday we can cry sale if we want too! It’s crazy! It’s insane! It’s our 21st birthday.

The sale last till 7p.m. on Sunday the 3rd of October, so come in, get some cookies, and some deals, and help us to celebrate an amazing 21 years of existence on wonderful Hawthorne Boulevard- Thank you so much to all of the folks who have come in and made this possible. We love our customers!

Oh- and one more birthday note: If you don’t live in Portland, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with us. Go on to our website and ¬†use the code BIRTHDAY to get 15% off your web purchase.

Here’s to 21 years!

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