• Come visit us, and our ultra friendly staff or if you find you can’t see us in person visit our website where you will find many of our in store items. If you see something featured on this blog that you just know you have to have, but can’t find it on our website, and can’t make it into our store, just e-mail us and we will do our best to get that gift to you. Don’t hesitate to ask!

OPEN 10-8:00pm!! Wednesday & Thursday!

We know the snow dampened everybody’s plans a bit so we are staying open late the next two nights for all of your last minute shopping needs!


Back to normal business hours of

10am-7pm everyday

Friday February 14th.

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Gearing up for Valentine’s day. Up up, I’m in love!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you want to find a special way to warm the hearts of your loved ones, but you’re just not sure of what to get? No worries friends. We are stocking our shelves with wonderful cards, jewelry, and many other unique items. So, when you are thinking about the one you love or can’t stop thinking about the one that might get away… Come to Presents of Mind and find the perfect way to express yourself.



We have a great assortment of unique jewelry, and the shelves have been filled just in time for Valentine’s day.  We have so many styles and options to choose from to help you find the perfect gift for your sweetie.

uniquely shaped heart necklace made out of a recycled skateboard.

Maple XO, Love necklace



Amazing keychains, bracelets, and necklaces for the city we all Love!

Portland map jewelry - keychain, bracelet, necklace.

Unique jewelry from Travelust featuring maps of Portland, OR.

Did somebody say Valentine’s day?  Well if you got bit by the love bug? We carry this style in both rings and bracelets. It’s just one of our many fabulous local artists!



We all have a heart and this may just be as close as some people might want to get to wearing it on they’re sleeve.  We carry this print from Counter Couture in both shirts and hoodies, and of course the awesome heart socks from Stance.  Heart fashion forever!



 You “OTTER” love this one!


Backerton wallets are a great idea for the man in your life.  These wallets are hand sewn and the designs will set him apart from the other guys in line.


Here’s to the good old days of getting valentines from your classmates.  We are proud to offer scratch and sniff, tattoo, ballerina, monster, and a plethora of other fantastic valentines.

We have lots of new Jewelry coming in, and are filling the shelves with lots of goodies.  So ready, set, go……  Valentine’s will be here before you know it, and as the classic saying goes the early bird gets the worm!

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Employee Fave! Stance Socks!


Okay, this post is going to have to be written in the first person, because I, the writer, am also the employee that has picked Stance socks as my favorite current product at our store. Here’s a little whispered secret: Stance is not just my current favorite, they are my favorite. There I said it. As an employee I have made my pick.

Stance Tacoma socks

 You may be wondering what’s so great about this sock line. I’ll just start with the designs. I mean look at them! The first time they were brought into the store I immediately felt like I needed to put on a pair of these and sit in front of the fire that was about to magically appear. They are magic socks like the equivalent to Dorothy’s red slippers. Only, my real home is not in Kansas it’s in some amazing mountain town where the snow is always powder in the winter, the fall smells like chicory from outdoor bonfires, the spring has hiking where flowers are in pristine bloom, and the summers creeks and rivers are overflowing. At least, that’s where these socks take me. Continue reading “Employee Fave! Stance Socks!” »

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A virtual tour of the current treasures at Presents of Mind

Want to know more about something you see here, just let us know!